Won’t you be my neighbor?

Zack and I just moved into our first home in November, 2007. It’s a new townhome development. We have two neighbors in our little row of houses, so of course this was the primo opportunity to bake some welcome to the ‘hood treats. Our last neighbors were shot and killed 2 weeks before we moved (while we were asleep–Zack found the semi-automatic assault rifle that was used the next morning dumped under our window), so we were pretty stoked that our new friends were the picture of normalcy.

I baked them some yummy chocolate cookies glazed in Nutella happiness. If you’re unfamiliar with Nutella, then first, you’re dumb. Second, it’s like a peanut butter but with hazelnuts and chocolate instead. You could put it on a fish sandwich and it’d still taste beautiful. These were really easy and pretty quick to bake. I wrapped it up (slightly ghetto) in plastic wrap (kinky, I know) and put a festive ribbon around it. They were a hit! But don’t wait for a new neighbor to come by to make these. Do it now!

I got the recipe via tastespotting.com at Felicia Sullivan: Author. Foodie. Rockstar. High-five to my new friend Felicia. You can view her recipe and awesome blog by simply clicking upon this: http://feliciasullivan.com/?p=798

In the meantime, enjoy my killer food photography.

Nutella, cookies, yummy happiness

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