Welcome Home, Perry!


My bff from college and old rowing buddy, Perry, is in grad school at Georgetown. He came home for Spring Break and stopped by the casa for dinner and a re-hash of old times. Our dear friend Margaret joined us too, so I knew I had to make something homemade and fabulous. The answer: Cream Cheese and Chocolate Cupcakes via Taste of the South magazine (the other mag I work for). They were ooey-gooey melt in your mouth and they are also really pretty whenst you pull back the cupcake papers! They have the nicest texture, too! Technically, the recipe is called Cherry Topped Cupcakes, but all that means is that in the end, you garnish with a maraschino. I didn’t do that, though. But how good would some toasted almonds be on there?

Click here for the recipe.

It has nothing to do with baking, but here’s some old rowing pics of me and Perry! Allow me to reminisce…I really miss those days!

Me (second from the left) and Perry (far right) after getting thrown in the water (tradition for the coxswain when your boat wins).



One of the best pictures of all time–Perry in mid-flight after beating the crap out of the Auburn’s boat-twice.


When we all had fashion mullets in 2004.


The unstoppable coxswains on Bourbon Street the night before we scrimmaged with Tulane (and kicked their bows). I miss my green hair and mullet; Perry’s was purple. We were so tiny!


Perry’s 4+ boat.

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