Spring it on, baby.


Happy Easter a couple of days late, fellow bloggers and blogettes. What better way to celebrate spring and the resurrection of our Lord than with cupcakes? What better way to celebrate anything than with cupcakes? For my fam’s Easter festivities I made these darling cupcakes per Martha Stewart. I did my own little spin on them, however.

First things first, the cupcake itself. I used a regular white cake mix (I’m sorry to be so semi-homemade here, but I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before) and mixed in some Bailey’s White Chocolate liqueur (about 3 tablespoons). SO good. I would have added some white chocolate chips in as well, but sadly, I just used up the last of them. I got a little of Wilton’s cornflower blue icing dye and swirled it in the batter, careful to make sure the batter gets tinted but also careful that you get those nice darker blue swirls. While those were baking a I toasted some coconut.

Next is the icing. For this I used Martha’s chocolate buttercream. This is the best buttercream I’ve ever had. It’s not a confectioners sugar base; it’s more of a swiss meringue buttercream with egg whites and granulated sugar. I have the leftovers hanging out in my freezer, waiting, beckoning, calling my name.

After the cupcakes cool and you dollop some buttercream on top, roll them in a bowl of the toasted coconut. I used some tinted white icing and a #12 tip to make the little eggs.

Here‘s the Martha version I based these off of, and below is some more pictures that I took and I just like how they turned out. Enjoy!

sprngcpck3.jpg cupcake_1.jpg sprngcpck2.jpg

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