Happy Birthday Teresa Ann!

I used my mom’s birthday as an excuse to try my hand with the art of gum paste. Which is a little selfish, I know, but she loved it and I’m actually kinda proud of it! It definitely looks like a first attempt, but it’s cute no less. Admittedly I need a little work on my icing skills, but at the time all I had was my ghetto-not-so-fab cake turntable by Wilton. Anyway, I based the teacup off of her china, Rosalinde by Havilande, and although mine is a slightly cartoonier version, she knew exactly what it was. The look on her face was priceless! (And she still has it sitting on her buffet in the dining room.)

For the cake itself, I did a classic white cake via Martha, and the icing was hers as well. I did however add a couple teaspoons of strawberry extract which tasted absolutely divine. I’m signed up for a gum paste flower class at a local bakery, so wish me luck on my next foray into advanced cake design…

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