I must have been good this year…

…because for Christmas, Santa Claus brought me my very own pasta roller attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. I know! It’s amazing. I love everything about (although it is a bit heavy). So my happy homemaker self set out to make some pasta. I’ve done linguine, thin spaghetti, and a yummy ravioli so far. Here’s the step-by-step of my latest, and best yet, batch.

First, the recipe. You might want to experiment with your proportions. I have found that adding an extra egg makes it smoother, and cutting back by about 1/2 cup on the flour makes it less crumbly (which is what this recipe is). If it’s too crumbly, add in an egg. If it’s too runny, add in some flour.

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, sifted a couple of times

5 large eggs

1 tablespoon olive oil

dash of salt

Step 1: Using your dough hook, mix together the eggs and flour until it’s a “rubbery” consistency. A lot, if not most, pasta dough recipes will tell you to crack the eggs into a flour well and then use a bench scraper and some elbow grease, but that’s bad news. Last time I did that one of my walls collapsed and I had eggs going allover my kitchen. It was a sticky, disgusting, yellow, bacteria-infested mess. Do it in the mixer. At some point whilst it’s mixing, pour in the olive oil and dash in the salt.

Step 2: Knead the dough a few times on a floured surface. Set up your pasta roller attachment on the widest setting. Using walnut-sized pieces, feed the dough through the roller, fold it in half, feed it again, and repeat.

Step 3: Continue to feed the dough through the roller, each time going down a setting to make it increasingly thinner. I usually go to about the 7th setting. After that, it gets to thin to work with. Repeat until dough is gone.

Step 4: When your finished with the dough and all of your little pasta sheets are ready (a couple hours later!), change to the noodle cutting attachment (here I used the thin attachment). Feed each sheet through once. If you have a pasta drying rack, more power to you. If not, I put my on a baking sheet in a thin layer (if you do this, you will probably use all of the baking sheets in your inventory). You can go ahead and boil them if you’re ready to eat the fruits of your labor, but if not, set them out on your counter and let them continue to dry.

Step 5: Impress all your friends.

3 thoughts on “I must have been good this year…

  1. Hi! I’m envious of your pasta attachment…and the mixer too! I’m hoping to get one of my own eventually. Until then it’s hands on!

    Great job on the pasta!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! My cookbook is The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes (http://www.derksenprinters.com/cookbooks.html). My Grandmother gives it to all the girl granddaughters as wedding shower gifts – it’s a fabulous resource.

    As far as how many are out there…wow. When I searched Amazon.com for Mennonite cookbooks it resulted in 374 entries – that’s quite a few!

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