Because I’m so Hardcore

Here are my most recent permanent additions to my skin.

First, my newest scar. I was in a rowing accident with my friend Trevor. We were out rowing one Saturday evening and our double went “I don’t thin so” and flipped. The massive wound was no biggy, but rather the 50 degree water. I also love the accompanying scratch on my wrist that makes me look suicidal. Sweet. Blue is my favorite color, but not when it’s the color of my toes and lips. Thanks to Trevorsaurus, who saved me! My hero!
















Here’s my newest tattoo! We had a tattoo party at our house recently. That’s not weird, is it? Mason, our artist, brought his tattoo stuff and his new bride, and me, Zack, and Ruth all got new tattoos. Mine is from Song of Solomon 6:3, “I am my beloved and he is mine.” Ruth’s says “and my soul wells up with hallelujah.” She also got a freakin’ awesome cover-up on her other wrist of a cherry blossom tree.

It hurts to be so bad-A. Notice how Mason is laughing at me.

Oh my gosh when did I my face get so fat?

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