Malt Shoppe

We were a week late celebrating Father’s Day this year, but last night the fam came over to my house for dinner. It was so much fun to have them all over, and it was actually my first time to host a dinner party at my house for my parents! So with Dad being the guest of honor, I wanted to have a menu that was all about him. The lasagna I made, I have to say, was amazing. You know how I am though, and dessert was my favorite course. Dad’s favorite candy is Whoppers, so I knew the Malt Shop Cupcakes I saw over at Peanut Butter and Julie‘s would be perfect. I can’t give you the recipe here, no no, you must see Julie’s great blog for yourself!

Here was my table for last night. I used a piece of muslin (my #1 favorite fabric) for the runner, mix-and-matched my favorite glasses, and did simple arrangements in vintage-style glass bottles. Thanks to my precious hubby for taking both of these pretty pictures!

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