Heidi Merrick.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “style” piece, after all, I run a food and style blog here, right? Isn’t that what it says on my banner that I oh-so-cleverly designed (sarcasm)?

Oh Joy!‘s blog introduced me to Heidi Merrick today. One look at that orange skirt she posted and I knew what my evening project would be. Mine orange skirt is coming along pretty cute.

I’m seriously obsessed and coveting every piece of clothing on her site, but I think this is my fave. The sweet ruffles, the aloof look on the model’s face, and who doesn’t love a flouncy black skirt? Lovely.

One thought on “Heidi Merrick.

  1. Welcome to the daring bakers. I had to look at your blog when I saw “Birmingham.” That’s where I’m from, but I live in Mobile now. I also saw that you made Chuck Hooten a cake. I know him from UCF (University Christian Fellowship). Tell him Maryanna Brooke said hey. He probably doesn’t know my married name. Anyway, good luck with your bakery planning, and have fun with the daring bakers. This is my 2nd month there, and I’ve already learned so much.

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