Oh Martha, pick me, pick me!!

I read marthastewart.com literally every single day. So imagine my excitement when I see that you can upload pictures of your own Christmas creations to her site to be judged for a trip to NYC to see her show. I have minimal expectations of winning, but in all honesty, other people have uploaded some tacky crap. Here’s what I submitted, my fireplace, all bedecked in homespun splendor. It is accompanied by the caption that I so thoughtfully wrote to explain myself for my entry. Also, here is a link to it; if you have an account on Martha’s page, you can rate it.


Magnolias and Burlap

As a serious and life-long crafter, I feel like a sell-out if I don’t make my own Christmas decor! I made the garland out of magnolia leaves & made the stockings out of inexpensive burlap & assembled them with a few simple blanket stitches. The handcrafted reindeer serves his purpose well as a gift holder (the gift bow is an old t-shirt that I cut, stretched, and tied). The prints above are antique French letterheads that I scored on etsy.com. Modern panache with a traditional feel–on a budget!

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