Rocco My World!

Today, my food editor, Betty, and myself trekked to Atlanta for the Market. It’s always fun, but nothing to write home about. However, today as we were getting on the escalators to make our first stop in the press room, a sign catches my eye that Rocco DiSpirito, the sexy TV chef, was giving a demo/book signing in the new gourmet kitchen/West wing of the mart, and lo and behold, it was today!!!

So after some finagling with the Mart employees (and a helpful hint from my friend/work associate Rick), I got one of the 150 tickets to meet Rocco and get his cookbook signed. His presentation was so much fun! He cooked some great food (and looked so, well, just so cute doing it) and told some great stories and was quite the entertainer. I gave him a copy of my magazine, which I hope he was impressed with, and got my picture taken with him. And I do that whole girlie-taking-pictures thing where I press the side of my face to the other person’s face and give a big toothy grin. He was like “our foreheads are forever fused together!” and when I walked away he pretended to almost fall out of his chair, which, I guess you had to be there, but it made me giggle like a dumb 5th grader. He is quite the charmer!



2 thoughts on “Rocco My World!

  1. that kind of picture is the best! my fav! i’m glad you got to meet Rocco! and you look super cute, as always! i just used an exclamation mark after every sentence just now. oh well!

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