This is what I do.

I’m off to Rome with my mom tomorrow for the long holiday weekend (Italy, not Georgia), and I wanted to do a quick post before I left…I already have a million things I want to post, and even more fun stuff will be added to the queue in a few days! But alas, it’s 11 at night, and I have to get up very early to get to the airport, so a quick post is must be!

This a couple of my favorite shots from my portfolio. I did the food and prop styling, and Kamin, one of my favorite people on the planet, did the photography. I love these shots because the natural lighting is gorgeous (K’s amazing at that), the angles are fun, the props and background are simple (I’m obsessed with slightly tarnished vintage flatware), the food is friendly, and I think (hope!)  it all combines together for a very approachable picture. Thanks, Kamin!



4 thoughts on “This is what I do.

    • Yes, I really am! I’m sitting in the Birmingham airport right now! But to set the record straight, as much as I would love everyone to believe that I’m a little jet-setter, I’m going with my mom, who is a Latin teacher, and an educational tour company is sending us for free to an educators conference in Rome. But by conference they mean 3 days of free time and a gala on the last night. Pretty sweet deal! I’m going to get blessed by the Pope on Sunday!

  1. Yay. They look so good! I forgot we took those. We should plan a photo shot at my new house one day!! Thanks for the love, and have a blast in Rome! (I am absolutely and incredibly very jealous)

    See you Tuesday!

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