Toms Shoes

Allow me to digress once again from homemaking bliss to talk about one of my favorite new things: Toms! My bud Melissa was wearing some last week, and they were just too cute. I had never heard of them before, and come to find out, for every pair you buy, the company gives a pair of shoes to an underprivileged child. How brilliant?! Apparently the only places in the Ham that sells them are Mountain High Outfitters and Whole Foods, so I had to take a hippie shot when I bought them, but it was well worth it. Each pair (marketing genius) comes with a little Toms flag so you can take a picture of you and your flag of where your Toms are taking you. As you can see below, my Toms took me to my couch after a long day of work, where they also kept my legs and feet from hurting!


3 thoughts on “Toms Shoes

  1. Hey dear… I’m surprised you didn’t go for the shiny gold or silver ones from their website. Oh, the goodness. Jackson has a pair that are pretty rockin’ as well!

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