Welcome to My Home

Thanks again for bearing with me while I departed from my domestic arts subject the last couple of posts, but now I’m back on topic and with a vengeance! I’m working on some cute before-and-afters of my laundry room and dish cabinet, but tonight I thought I’d share this pretty picture I took of our master bedroom (extra points that the picture actually looks good…photography is hard!). I hate to say that I’m starting to get “over” blue and brown, as I was into that color scheme before “it was cool.” (I swear!!) But whatevs. Anyway, I got my Dwell duvet cover from Bluefly.com for less than half the retail price. The bedside tables, bench at the foot of the bed, and lamps are from the thrift store for about $25 total (not including a couple cans of spray paint), the botanical prints came from a Cottage Living (RIP) prop sale, and I inherited that gorgeous antique dresser from my mom. I also love the little antique door plaque that you can kinda see on the left wall (Tricia’s Treasures for about $8 and the iron thingy came from Hobby Lobby). I made my headboard from a piece of plywood, some poly batting, and a big piece of muslin (you know how much I love muslin!). The accent pillow came from Southeastern Salvage for $1! Oh I love me some bargain shopping!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to My Home

  1. I love your sweet house! I can’t wait to see whats new there tomorrow. Thanks for comment on my blog…isnt that jacket lovely, too bad its Mendel…and I can’t find one ever the least bit similar. Oh well I’ll just dream.

  2. Hey girl!
    Your house is so awesome! I need you to come share some of your great bargain styling with my house! I try to do it, but the end result is not nearly as put together as yours! Hope everything is going well with you!

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