Home Office on the tiniest of budgets.

I’ve noticed lately that shelter magazines everywhere are doing features of home offices and studies. Always one to be inspired, I recently put the finishing touches on my own little office that’s in my guest bedroom. 

Desk: parents’ basement. Lamp: thrift store. Lamp shade: given to me at work. Kitchen scale-turned-clutter coraller: found it in Italy. Mint julep cup pencil holder: Michael’s craft store. Bulletin boards: foam core with old patterns affixed with spray adhesive. Memo/Mouse pad: TJ Maxx. Computer: inherited from the husband. Chair: Cottage Living prop sale. Total cost of Malinda’s home office: about $30 (minus the plane ticket to Rome). 


4 thoughts on “Home Office on the tiniest of budgets.

  1. A photographer here at work pulled that out of a Southwest Airlines magazine for me, so it was free too! Hahaha!

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