How Does Your Garden Grow?


One part of  “nesting” I’ve never quite gotten ’round to is gardening…I dunno why. But this week when my copy of Jamie at Home came in, which is all about his vegetable patch in Essex, England and how he grows everything he eats, I got super inspired. The intro to the book talks about how he went to the market, got some seeds, threw them in the ground, and next thing he knew he had vegetables for him and his family to eat (or “veg” as he always calls it). So why not? I sought out the advice of my food editor, Betty, who I just love so much, and she took me to Collier’s Nursury this afternoon after work and  gave me some pots to get started. A good hour and about $25 later…I have the beginnings a veg and herb garden!! I just can’t wait to cook with these herbs and veggies! Let me take you on a quick tour…

These are my herbs…from front to back, we got French Lavender, Cilantro, and Sweet Basil:



This is an heirloom tomato variety called Brandywine. I think heirloom tomatoes are just so fancy…


And my other variety of ‘maters is Best Boy, which apparently is just a good ol’ standby:



Give me a few weeks and I’ll have everyone over for supper, featuring my homegrown produce and recipes out of Jamie at Home!!

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