Thanks to K for My N

One of my favorite people in the world, Kamin, is getting married next weekend. She comes from a very crafty family, and since I made her a little silk flower hairpeice for her reception, she had her dad make this for me:


Isn’t it great?! You know how much I love typography and monograms, so I’m pretty much obsessed with this. I’ve spent the better part of the morning thinking about what color I’m going to paint it and where I’m going to put it.  Thanks K! You are my friend-friend 🙂 Can’t wait till your wedding next weekend—It’s gonna be the purdiest ever.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to K for My N

  1. Yay! Thanks pal. You are defiantly my friend, friend too! I’m super pumped you like the N. I thought you might!!
    Thanks for all your help and creative fingers!! Much Love, K.

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