Cupcake Baker For Hire.

Made these sweet things for my big sister to take to a baby shower a couple weeks ago. I guess she’s resigned to leaving her baking duties to me; last time she tried she used regular flour instead of cake flour and didn’t use any leavening because she was out, resulting in an inch-high birthday cake. Still tasted great though, Mel! Love ya!

For these I whipped up a batch of the ever-trustworthy Swiss meringue buttercream, and my secret chocolate cake recipe that—after almost a year and half of making—I have finally perfected. Sorry, no sharing of this recipe. 🙂 For the stars on top, I just used a good-ol’ store bought brownie mix (why not? It’s just for decoration. Don’t hate), baked off in a jelly-roll pan, and cut out with a cookie cutter while still warm. Easy as pie!

Congratulations on your baby boy, Meredith!


PS: The Cupcake Courier is God’s gift to bakers everywhere!

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