Rome, You Have My Heart

OK so in mere 26 days I will be on my way to Italy. Two weeks going from North to South, East to West. I’m so excited that I don’t know what to do…except for blog! I never really got around to blogging about my weekend trip to Rome back in January anyway! We might have only been there for 3 days, but I got a lifetime of experience from it. So here’s a quick post about the highlights of the highlights, plus some silly stuff thrown in.

One of the most iconic things in the world: the Colosseum. This was one of the first things we saw, and I was positively giddy to behold such a thing, as the picture clearly shows:


I might not have seen any rock stars or actors in the Eternal City, but I DID see the Pope, and he threw down a blessing to me! How much more rock star do you get than the POPE?! 


After the blessing, we toured St. Peters. I was in there for HOURS. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen; I swear I was this close to converting to Catholicism (alas, I’m still a Presbemethodist, Zack). Again, see the giddyness:


Michelangelo’s Pieta. It actually took my breath away from a second. Need I say more?


One more from St. Peter’s: I just had to snap a quick one of this crazy-looking woman. That hair! Apparently it’s a popular choice for middle-aged women in Europe, as I saw this quite a few times:


What is it with Italians and their signage? Noticed this last time I was there back in 2002 as well.

“Mi scusi, but I’m looking for the toilet bookstore?”


How hard is it to find a decent translator? Teresa Ann and I giggled about this one allover the Castel Sant’Angelo and no doubt gave Italians another reason to dislike Americans. We might have been using bad Italian accents while we read it out loud though…


Sorry farmers and girls I graduated high school with, but if you are wearing your overalls, don’t even think about touring St. Peters. They are forbidden.



Capitoline Hill—one of the seven hills of Rome, and probably to most prominent. It’s also called the Wedding Cake, which you know I love. If you look at the last entry I posted, this is where the Vespa scene begins.

A couple other interesting things is that off to the right of this picture (can’t see it) is where Mussolini’s office was located. Gross. Stupid fascist. Also, if you took any semblance of an art history class in school, you’ll recognize the famous piece of art that’s front and center as the the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius. This is the replica of course, but it’s said that the real one (which is just next door in the Capitoline Museum) was clad in gold and will turn into gold again on Judgement Day. Oooooh…


Again, if you’re into art history, here’s Trajan’s Column at sunset. And here’s Teresa translating some Latin off of it.


Can someone please explain to me why plumbing and electricity in Italy are so ludicrious? They are. In our hotel room, we had to actually plug our keycard into the wall so the power would stay on. Our shower was a mere hole in floor with a curtain around it, yet we had a towel warmer. Ludicrous.



Here’s a couple more things I love that are rampant in Italy: gelato and boys. Haha! Zack, please disregard this. This guy was dressed up in a costume outside the Pantheon and I just had to take a picture with him. I mean, an Italian guy walks up to you, tells you your bella, tries to get you to go to the opera he’s promoting, and you’re not supposed to take a giggly picture with him? Come on. p1000439

This gelato was from one of 7 gelateria trips Mom and I made over our 3 days there. No exaggerating. This was a double-scoop of Nutella. 


Thanks SO MUCH to my amazing mother, Teresa Ann, without whom neither of these unbelievable trips would be possible!


Roma, I bid you adieu until we meet again in June. You will always have my heart!! *double cheek kiss* 


(view from atop the Castel Sant’Angelo)



4 thoughts on “Rome, You Have My Heart

  1. Oh my, Rome looks amazing! I went to Florence last year, and ate ice cream everyday. “Una Amarena Per Favore !!!”

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