dreamcakes cupcakes + milk + tallula

It’s been a long day. It’s going to be a long night. And a long week. So just now when I came home from work, before beginning the long, but enjoyable, task of handcrafting 4 dozen tiny marzipan cupcake decorations, I settled down with a dreamcakes cupcake (thank you Gwen and Andy!), a cold glass of milk, and Tallula. Sometimes you just need a moment to unwind and clear your head, and this Curious George cupcake was just the trick. (Curious George cupcake = banana cake, peanut butter frosting, and two banana runts candies).


Ok, duty calls. Bye!

P.S. little factoid about the milk glass there. I got it at this awesome restaurant in Florence. I asked my waiter for a to-go cup for my latte—herecy in Italy, I know, but I had someplace to be—and not surprising he didn’t have one. So he told me I could keep this glass. Cute, no?

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