Cycles Gladiator Wine

I was checking the weather report this morning and this newsline caught my eye:

“Nude nymph not allowed in Alabama restaurants.”

Logically, I clicked on it. Turns out that Alabama’s ABC board has deemed the logo of Cycles Gladiator wine “too much” for Alabama. I could rant here, but I’m not since I’m sure you share my feelings anyway. So I clicked on over to their website and wrote them a letter. I hope it made them feel better and perhaps shed some light that Bama is an awesome place to live and we’re not all “that way.”


Hello there!
I live in Alabama, and I just wanted to tell you that the fact that my state will not allow you to sell your wine here is just ridiculous. I’ve heard of a lot of dumb things come out of this state, but this is at the top.

I have not enjoyed what I’m sure is an amazing product that you have, but next time I go out of state I’ll have to try it, just to give my state’s ABC board a kick in the pants.

Keep up the good work and awesome logos.

Malinda Kay Nichols

2 thoughts on “Cycles Gladiator Wine

  1. There are narrow-minded people “like that” all over, so don’t feel too bad. I live in California, “Land of Fruits and Nuts” and we have some of the most closed-minded thinking anywhere. Alabama’s a great place.

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