Let’s get inspired, shall we?

My great friend and partner in style, Kamin Williams, has the cutest clothes, accessories, blog, personality…and home! She’s one of the photogs here at work, and she does amazing freelance too, whether it’s weddings, engagements, children, interiors – you name it! So I would definitely recommend giving her a ring if you need some pretty pictures taken.

I thought you might be equally inspired as I was by her beautiful home in the ‘burbs of Birmingham. Her house is about 100 years old, and I love how she kept the vintage quality while still modernizing it to fit her own design aesthetic. Love ya, K!

Her adorable, bright sunny kitchen! I love that she flawlessly pulled off yellow and red without making it look like a certain fast food restaurant!


One of the 4 fireplaces in her cottage; this one is in the kitchen. Her new husband, Cory (who is my best friend, by the way, right Cory?) insisted that he have his DMB poster somewhere. Again, kudos to K for making it work!


It’s all in the details!


Love her living room! Isn’t that huge tree branch the coolest? I had one in my house, but my husband threw it away. Thanks.


Living room fireplace, bedecked in monograms and all sorts of lovelies!


Fireplace #3 in her guest room/work room. Vintage 1960s sewing machine. It’s so awesome it hurts.


Ok now that we’re all nice and inspired, let’s go home and decorate!

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