Never Forget!

As I know you all know, today is the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country. Please, please, please don’t forget what happened on this day. Please don’t become complacent and accept it as just a part of our history. There are horrible, horrible people out there who want nothing less than the demise of country and our freedom. They resent our capitalistic, free-enterprising country that is full of innovating citizens. Don’t forget what’s made this country great (WE HAVE), and don’t be afraid to challenge what’s happening around us. America is THE BEST country on the face of this planet, and I’m proud to be a citizen of it. What better way to honor the thousands of victims of these attacks than to stand strong together and keep making this country a better place? And support our troops!

For today’s eye candy, here’s a great picture I swiped off of Oh Joy! I don’t think I could find anything more fitting even if I tried!


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