Venetian Spritz

I know I haven’t blogged about my two-week Italy trek. Why not? I dunno. But from a food/bev aspect, nothing holds a candle to one of these suckers. It’s called a Spritz and it’s the drink of choice amongst Venetians and those who travel there. So when in Rome, right? Well Venice…Anyway, here’s the husband swilling his first of many that we enjoyed in the 36 hours we were there…


And here’s one of the simple appetizers it’s served with. It’s just homemade potato chips, but again, presentation is everything!


I wouldn’t leave you without how to make this wonderful concoction! And DO NOT serve this without the olive, a good quality olive that is, that’s the best part!

In a shaker, swirl together ice, Prosecco, sparkling water and Campari. After giving it a few good shakes, pour it into a glass (sans ice), mount up a toothpick with an olive (pit in!) and garnish with an orange wedge. Then give me a call and invite me over!

More Italian antics in the days to come, I’m sure! Ciao!

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