Spoonfed Grill: The New (Mobile) Front of the Birmingham Food Scene

This is Jason Parkman.


Jason is the clever guy responsible for bring Lunar Coyote to Birmingham about 10 years ago, which was the ahead-of-its-time, food-built-to-order, Mexican restaurant. Ya know, the pre-cursor to Chipotle and Moe’s. Anyway, Jason is once again on the verge of a fabulous new food concept here in the Ham. It’s called the Spoonfed Grill, and he’ll drive his mobile kitchen to your office area, fix you something rad, and send you on your way. Awse. Here’s his truck, fitted with a full kitchen and two flat-screens.

And here’s what I got, the Apple Butter Panini: smoked turkey, brie cheese, arugula, tomato, sautéed apples, and apple butter of coarse. With a side of pasta salad. I devoured every last bite, and I didn’t even have to leave my cover shoot for it! I was so excited to dig into it, that I almost forgot to pay and I almost ran head-first into the pole holding up his awning.

Picture 2

Jason, please come back to International Park asap!

6 thoughts on “Spoonfed Grill: The New (Mobile) Front of the Birmingham Food Scene

    • Yep, that’s the one! I remember it well! I hope he makes his way to Luckie, just email him! I think he also goes to T-town a lot on gameday! Thanks for stopping by, Becca!

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