Brown Sugar Cake Ice Cream Sammiches Drizzled with Hot Caramel

Whew. Mouthful, right? But I don’t know what else to call them! Anyway, I made these for my big brother’s 27th birthday this weekend. The recipes for the cake and icing came from Taste of the South, but I had the idea of making them into gooey ice cream sandwiches well, while I was in the shower to be perfectly frank. Those Holiday Inn commercials are right…you really do have the most brill ideas while in the shower. Weird.

Anyway, click here to find the recipes for both the Brown Sugar cake (developed by my beloved Loren) and also for Linda’s Cooked Caramel Icing, along with a really helpful how-to. The icing is fantastic; it’s my editor’s mother’s recipe and has been in her family for years. The combo of this cake, the icing, and the ice cream might be the closest thing to heaven on earth there is! See below the picture for (slightly) detailed info on how to assemble the sammiches….


To make these bad boys,  half both the cake AND the icing recipes (I made 7 sammies with the recipes halved). Spread the cake batter evenly in a thin layer  into a jelly roll pan. It will probably seems like you’re barely covering the pan, but it rises quite a bit while baking. After it’s baked for about 10-12 minutes, let is cool completely. In the meantime, take a half gallon of ice cream and spoon it out onto a jelly-roll pan. Using a large offset spatula, spread the ice cream out evenly and pop it in the freezer to set. It helped me a lot to run some warm water and heat up the spatula a bit to get it to smooth out just right.

Using the same size round cutter, cut out 14 cakes and 7 ice cream discs. Assemble them sandwich-style, and drizzle the icing.

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