100th post

Ok Blogland, this marks my 100th post here on Baked Birmingham. Let’s take a minute to venture down memory lane with some of the highlights of the last 99 posts…join me, won’t you?

These Oreo Truffles from March 17, 2008 are still one of my fave things I’ve ever made, ever.


Zack and I still make this Tomato Sauce I posted on April 14, 2009 from garden-fresh ingredients on a regular basis and use the “excess” to mix into pasta salad.


Still plan on outfitting my next kitchen in all these retro goods; my obsession of vintage things has only increased since January 28 of this year. I even have a new blog in the works called “The Atomic Life.” Stay tuned!


Simply Seleta, such a sweetheart, featured this post on her blog back in the spring and I got hundreds of hits in one day! Thanks again Seleta!


You’re loving that picture of my study, aren’t you? Well my house is still for sale! Wanna buy it? Just go to my house blog for more info!


My favorite wedding cake I’ll probably ever make 🙂


This post for Jill O’Conner’s Heart Of Darkness brownies exploded with hits when it was featured on tastespotting.com last May. Thanks TS for deeming this one worthy to be on your snooty little site.


Gosh I love my country. So let’s bake a cobbler and decorate our homes to celebrate!


I know I just posted this a couple days ago, but they really are THAT good.


These Peter Rabbit cupcakes turned out SO sweet. I made these back in July for my friend Emily’s baby shower. So happy to report that her little baby girl Savannah Ray is doing great!


Well Blogland, thanks for going on this trip with me. Who knows what the next 100 posts will bring? Whatever it will be, I guarantee it will be chock-full of domestic bliss and beautiful eye candy to keep you inspired! I love my readers!

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