2009 Halloween Decor, Part I + BinB’s Official Photog

I’ve had a few people ask me to share my Halloween decorations via my blog, which I was planning on doing anyway, but now maybe I can say “By popular demand, my Halloween decor!!” Maybe? Anyway.

Last week I started working on these little swizzle sticks to go in the butterbeer I’ll be making for my party this year. Heather Bailey, who has one of the most sugar sweet blogs I’ve ever seen, made these as part of her Harry Potter Hoopla series back in July, and I’ve been waiting since to start crafting these bad boys. (And please excuse my chipped nail polish. I overslept on this dreary Monday morning in Birmingham.)


Hers are cuter than mine! But no sweat, Heather Bailey’s cuteness is something I could never live up to! I chose to leave the ends of these more haphazard whereas she chose to keep her straight.

For a detailed step-by-step on how to make these, go to Heather’s blog right here!

Also, I want to give some quick love to Kamin Hoyle Williams of Behind K’s Lens. You’ve seen me give her shouts in various posts, but seeing as how she tends to keep (graciously) snapping beautiful pictures for this blog over and over again (including the one above), I have given her the illustrious, and maybe dubious, title as Baked in Birmingham’s official blog photographer! Congratulations! Your prize is that you have to deal with me! Thanks so much K, you are da best! Isn’t she the cutest?


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