Halloween Spider Cake..or Goth Wedding Cake?

I made this cake last week to donate for a cake auction to benefit a local elementary school. My good friend Rich and Moon Albright have their two adorable daughters in the school there, and quite honestly, I would do anything for those sweet little girls!

Each tier has a layer of pumpkin spice cake and a layer of classic chocolate. I frosted it with cream cheese and left it a little messy on purpose. I used Wilton Sparkle Gel for the cobwebs, and the spiders are made of black fondant and hacked-up Twizzlers. I thought the spiders needed just a little touch of cuteness, so instead of a red hourglass like a black widow spider, I dyed some fondant red and used an Exacto to cut out li’l cupcakes. Instant cuteness.




I think this cake would make an amazing wedding cake for a goth or Halloween wedding. Add a couple more layers and cover it in fondant, and you’re in business. My amazing and talented friend Tiffany of Studio Flower did the flowers for a goth wedding this past weekend. I would have loved to be a guest at that one!

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