Ghost, Jack-o-Lantern, and Johnny Cupcake Oreo Truffles…Oh My!

I’ve been waiting months to make Oreo truffles for my party. My friends love them. My co-workers love them. And I get the ugly ones all to myself; I don’t even share with Zack. Amy Atlas had some really cute brownie pops in ghost and pumpkin form (right here), and I loved how she put the stick coming out of the top instead of trying to defy gravity and putting the stick on the bottom. Once again I used the Wilton Sparkle Gel, which I’m still feeling pretty mixed emotions towards. I’m so happy with how they turned out, and I can’t wait to keep nommin’ on them on Saturday!


I know you’re dying to know how to make these. I’d tell you, but since these are the brainchild of the amazing Bakerella, you gotta go here. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Don’t worry, condensation happened on the surface because I pulled these out the freezer right before I shot them, which is where they’ll stay until the morning of the party, which is when they’ll go to the fridge, and then to room temp a couple hours before the guests arrive. You can wipe the condensation off easily with a paper towel.


One more just for kicks and giggles…I had just gotten in my Halloween Johnny Cupcakes shirt that morning, so…


And by the way, those amazing skull and crossbone doilies are straight from my all-time favorite pastry decor supply website, Bake It Pretty. Thanks for the awesomeness, Amanda!

And one more thing…Oreo truffles can be made to suit any occasion, so if you’d like for the Atomic Cakery to whip some up for your next occasion, just email!

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