Halloween Haberdashery

Have you guys noticed the abundance of people posing with mustaches lately? Just this week I saw it here in cookie form via Bake it Pretty, here in stationery form via 100 Layer Cake, and here in chocolate at Miette’s Patisserie via Tartlette.

Simply stated: I love it, it’s freaking hilarious, and I want it at my Halloween party. But the problem? I didn’t have a mustache candy mold, and I didn’t have time to order one and have it delivered by tomorrow. So I pulled out my Wilton candy melts, some trusty parchment paper, and my pastry paint brushes, and in no time flat I had….THESE!


Don’t Kamin, Sarah, and Kimberly look simply dashing with their chocolate ‘staches? Tomorrow at the party I’ll stick them up in a styrofoam block covered with some cool wrapping paper, and hopefully everyone will see the humor and not think they’re chocolate worms or…well…you can use your imagination.

Step by step, ooh baby…

Here’s how to make ’em when you’re sans a mustache mold:


1. Paint the ‘stache shape onto the parchment in a thin layer. Let it set up in freezer for a couple minutes; it doesn’t take long. And remember you can do several of these at a time.

2. Paint a little more and set the skewer on the side. Back into the freezer.

3. Here’s where my method gets a little less…methodical. I literally glopped on, for lack of a better term, the chocolate. It holds well and mounds up nicely, and since you already have the initial chocolate template has already been firmed up in the freezer, it won’t run past the edges into a big chocolate mess. Let it go back into the freezer for a couple more minutes to set.

4. Now you’re pretty much done, but glop on a little more chocolate to give it some depth and texture. It can stay in the freezer almost indefinitely.


My heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared in Halloween Week with me! It was a lot of fun, and we’ll have some post-holiday wrap-up stuff next week. Dunno about you, but I can’t wait for next year!


Photos by Kamin!

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