Pirate Birthday Cake

Aye, matey! This pirate birthday cake is chocolate with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and decorated with a fondant Jolly Rogers and treasure map. Shiver me timbers! (Insert any further necessary pirate jargon here).


Decorated, 3-layer, 6″ birthday cake feeds approximately 5-8 people and pricing begins at $25.

7 thoughts on “Pirate Birthday Cake

  1. Oh my goodness! I stalk your blog, which I found through Magen Davis’ blog. I may need to place an advance order for a birthday cake for March for my son’s 1st birthday. This cake is amazing!

  2. OMG Malinda, I was wondering what yummy creation was in that box on the table at church tonight! Was it this cake? I heard you were a talented food artist, but I just didn’t know how talented you are!!!!!! Amazing! Hannah will need a birthday cake in December, we’ll have to think of something fun for her 15th!

  3. Shiver me timbers Malinda! This is the cutest cake ever, what more could a kid ask for! we will have to get together and bake some time soon!

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