This is a sad post.

Ok, blogosphere, I’m just gonna come clean. Gumpaste flowers are effing hard to make. I can make guitars and treasure maps out of fondant. I can make a car and its passenger out of gumpaste. But nary can I make flowers. I thought I could. I tried. I almost made it. But I failed. Ok, I feel better now.

Erin, sweet, sweet Erin Eades Francisco, I’m sorry. Your wedding cake dogwood almost came into fruition, and here’s proof. What you’re not seeing is where this one broke in half whilst trying to be salvaged. These 8 pieces met the garbage can after I sat on the floor and cried a little bit.

But I will not give up! I WILL be the Ron Ben-Israel of the Southern United States. Just wait!

One thought on “This is a sad post.

  1. You ARE the Ron Ben-Israel of the Southern US! That flower was just cursed, is all. The cake knew it didn’t want the flower. I’m sure it was absolutely beautiful. I’m so sorry, gal. I’m very proud of you. You are amazing and so talented. I miss your sweet face!

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