Empress Stationery + Atomic Cakery collab

Don’t you love how I abbreviated “collaboration” in the post title? It’s so trendy to abbrev these days. What can I say? I am trendy. Yeah.

A couple weeks ago some of my coworkers joined together for an afternoon of creative craziness and had a holiday bazaar where we sold our wares to each other, other colleagues, and the lucky people in our office park. I’m really, really upset that I didn’t get pictures of everybody’s booths, because they all blew my mind. Everything from Lydia‘s oil paintings to Breanne‘s scarves to Tracy’s felted dolls and gingerbread man ornaments, it was a pretty incredible sight to behold!

Jessica, you know her, my friend and proprietress of Empress Stationery, joined forces with Atomic to create a pretty cute cupcake display. Aren’t these AMAZING?! Not sure what her prices are exactly, but send her a line and ask her, because you’ll definitely want some of these at your next get-together.

We’re planning another Crafternoon for the Summer, so stay posted!

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