My Favorites of 2009

Over these last couple days while I’ve been on my (desperately needed) vacation, I keep thinking about what was significant in my life in 2009. (From a market/trend standpoint of course; 4 of my best friends having babies, going to Italy twice, my awesome job that I’m so thankful to have, my friends and family, etc., all go without saying!) 2009 has been a really amazing year (albeit so busy I’ve barely had time to breathe!)

So I compiled these fun boards! Enjoy!

1. Jadeite, jadeite, jadeite: I’ve always loved it, but this year I can’t stop collecting it! Every time I see a big collection at an antique store my eyes glaze over and there is a good chance I have drool on my chin. My favorite piece I found was two little egg cups. Does it count if I stole them from my mom? (image via Country Living)

2. Babycakes cookbook: XOXOXO to the girls on BabycakesNYC. Vegan baking is such a fun challenge! If you’re a friend of mine, chances are high you’ll benefit from my experimental baking from this book in 2010.

3. French macarons: If you follow this blog even a little bit, then you’re well aware than 2009 was the year of the French mac for the whole of the baking blogosphere + myself. Hooray for macs! (image via Paulette)

1. Roll tide baby! My Alma Mater is going all the way this year! Watch out Texas, we’re gonna bring it at the National Championship on Thursday. In 2009 I got to go to the Tennessee game (famous for Mount Cody’s “Rocky Block”) and to the LSU game, where I had the “privilege” of sitting right next to the LSU fun section. It was obnoxious when were losing in the first half, but pretty awesome when we screamed the Rama Jamma cheer at them.

2. Toms: Every pair you buy gets a pair for a child in need. And they’re comfortable. Win-win! I ended up with 3 pairs in 2009 because I walked my first 2 to death. I know they’re a fad, but I think they have more staying power than say…2005’s Croc phase? *shutter*

3. Marcy Playground: Always been a fan, but ever since my husband took me to see them back in July, I’ve been listening to not only their comeback album, Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit of Rage, non-stop, but all there other ones as well. I hope their reunion is here to stay!

4. Chuck: Monday nights at 7pm, guess where I am? Yeah, in front of my television watching this Converse-wearing nerd saving the world. Zachary Levi…I mean, Chuck, you can save my life through a serious of slapstick circumstances anyday!

1. High-waisted skirts: Totally cute and totally hides all those extra calories I’ve accumulated in 2009. Throw in a belt and you’re golden. (This outfit via Heidi Merrick)

2. Woven button-down shirts + chino shorts: If it’s above 70 degrees, this is what you’ll find me in. It became my summertime uniform this year! (This outfit via J. Crew.)

3. Wayfarer sunglasses: been popular for about 25 years now, but I got my first pair (with prescription lenses anyway) back in the summer for my Italy trip. Love them. Can’t live without them.

4. Skinny jeans: Specifically deLiA*s dark wash Morgans. Dress ’em or down, they always look chic. They look good with virtually any shoe (my favorite is a metallic gladiator sandal). I like wearing them on casual Fridays here at work; they make me feel like I hold on to my rock-n-roll roots even when I have to be professional. 🙂

5. Flowery and feathery headbands: I started wearing them a little bit in late 2008, but nary do I leave my house without one these days! I even started making them, and maybe I’ll have an Etsy shop open soon!

I’m curious to see what things I become obsessed with in 2010! Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “My Favorites of 2009

  1. love all your favs for 2009!

    they are some of my favorites too, i just got some grey toms and i love high waisted pants and skirts and of course babycakes nyc

  2. Ok, I’ve been on the search for some good skinny jeans…I usually walk past delias, but I’m going to try these Morgan jeans…If you say they’re good, they have to be.

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