I’m Baaaaack! (and bearing cupcakes)

Wow, thanks so much everyone. I have had some of the sweetest emails, blog comments, facebook messages, and kind words the last few weeks that I’ve been on hiatus. Thank you everyone, friends and strangers, for all the encouragement. It’s made me feel like a million bucks, and I’m happy to return to the blogging world with new energy. Christmas 2010 is in full swing here at work, but I promise no more 2-month long gaps in posts.

So where should start? Cupcakes, of course! I’m so in love with Atomic’s Moonpie Cupcake. A graham cracker crust, fluffy chocolate cake, dollop of chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, MORE graham, and a homemade marshmallow. I’ve had several requests for these over the last few months, and they’re even going on a cupcake buffet for a wedding a couple months from now!

Many thanks to Al Westlake for contributing her joy and pretty face to this post! I think my art direction went something like this, “Hey Al, hold this and look really happy, then you can eat it.” (Oh, and if you have $20 bucks laying around to give to a good cause, buy a t-shirt to help send her on her mission trip to South Africa! You can even pay by Paypal!)

Thanks again for all the love everyone, love you back!

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