Admission: I’m a serial crafter. I take arts and crafts very seriously, and you’ll have to pry the hot glue gun out of my cold, dead fingers before I stop. So on that lovely note, last Christmas I made some headbands to sell at the Hoffman Media employee craft fair for some extra cash. I used some French silk remnants I had laying around and threw in some velvet and feather trims and a good vintage button here and there. I slapped a pretty reasonable price tag on them and a couple hours later I was totally sold out and with some orders for more! I just finished filling a couple more orders, and since I’ve never had a proper photo taken of them, I recruited Kimberly and Kamin and their tilt-shift lenses (aka Small Sexy), and with some extra help from Jessica, had a some lovely shots! Thanks so much guys!

3 thoughts on “Headbands!

  1. I wear my Malinda headband ALL the time, and get millions of compliments. You should mail me some cards so I can hand them out when I wear it…seriously! 🙂

  2. malinda, those are gorgeous! seriously pretty stuff. i might have to see ’bout placing a little order myself. love them! (and i love me some headbands!)

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