Birmingham has a new TexMex joint! Austin-based Chuy’s is located at the Summit, next to the equally trendy Flip Burger Boutique, and it’s just as good. My lovely friends spent our lunch hour there today, and in addition to the food being really great (I mean, it is TexMex: it’s half grease but all good), the decor is fantastic. The retro junkie inside of me was in heaven.

Clockwise from top: 1) The neon sign is only a small taste of what’s to come; 2) the taco CAR! Get it? It’s the business end of an old Caddy, and during happy hour you can fill your plate and belly with its chips, salsa, and queso; 3) great menu art, even better chips + salsa; 4) my meal: the Southwest enchilada – “a homemade blue corn tortilla stacked with freshly-roasted, hand-pulled chicken, cheese, and green chile sauce, topped with a friend egg;” 5) love the vinyl chairs; 6) the flatware is packaged up in paper sleeves and has Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish blessings printed on them. Jordan made me pray the Catholic prayer, ha!

Also, didn’t get a photo because I didn’t see any, but the owners have hidden 19 tiny soccer balls throughout the restaurant. This location is their 19th one, and it opened during the World Cup. Pretty cool!


3 thoughts on “Chuy’s!

  1. OMG Chuy’s is the best. I miss it so much. You must ask for the creamy jalapeno sauce with your chips (it’s basically spicy ranch dip), sooo good. I think I might cry now.

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