Birthday Fiesta!!

Where to begin? Have I bragged enough about the amazing girls I work with, who have become some of my most favorite and fabulous friends? Not to brag too much about them and make you jealous, but when you get a photographer, a chef, 2 graphic designers, and people who otherwise have more talent than is probably good for them, you end up with a birthday party (fiesta!) fit for a magazine. Thank you SO much to Jessica, Jordan, Kamin, Chantel, Stephanie, Brooke, Allison, Sarah, and Megan for an amazing party. I shutter to think what I’d do without you lovely ladies!

Top Row: The charming decor consisted of a punched-out paper garland made by Jessica, a brightly colored pinata filled with chocolate (of course), and a paper doily garland, also made by Jessica.

Bottom Row: The margarita, dips, and tacos were made from SCRATCH by Chantel. Amazing. She has promised to send recipes my way for you to enjoy and make home!

All photos: Who else but Kamin Williams?

BONUS: OK, exciting announcement! It’s still very much in the works, mostly because we can’t agree on a name, but the incredible ladies that brought this party together (including myself, not that I had anything to do with this party except turn another year older), are joining forces to create an amazing new blog! It will be full of style, DIY fun, decor, travel, food, pretty pictures, and lifestyle. We hope to launch soon!!! Stay tuned!!!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Fiesta!!

  1. I love it…very cute! Hope you had a great birthday. P.S. I’m Kamin’s friend, Carmen. I very briefly met you last week at your guys work. I think I startled you with my profession of love for your blog!

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