Wedding Cupcake Table

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of working with a lovely bride, Laura Ogard, and her equally lovely parents. Her style and my style were so compatible, so it was a snap to pull off a cupcake buffet for her wedding that was exactly like she pictured. Caleb Chancey, a great photographer and all-around good guy, did a beautiful job of capturing this wedding and was so sweet to let me use some of his photos for my blog. (Thanks CC!) And thank you so much to the Ogards for letting me part of this big day!

I can’t get enough of the vintage plant stand that they borrowed from a family friend. It took all my restraint to not take it with me! And the beautiful horse stables the reception was held in couldn’t be beat.

I love a bride who appreciates balancing traditional wedding cake flavors with fun flavors. In addition to classic vanilla and chocolate-chocolate, Laura also chose mint chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, s’mores, and caramel.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcake Table

  1. The cupcakes look amazing. Good thing I wasn’t there, I’m sure I’d have made a total pig of myself by eating one of each. Reception in horse stables? I’ve never been to anything like that–was it, er, fragrant?

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