Inspiration: Chalkboard Wall

The last few months Zack and I have been doing some pretty serious DIY in our little house. New wall colors, new dark wood floors, new color schemes…overall just going for something brighter and more sophisticated. The green walls were tormenting my very being and the blue-brown color combo of last decade + all the FREAKING BIRDS! GONE!!! With the market being the way it is, we’ve accepted the fact that we’ll probably be in our house through kiddo #1, so it’s time to bite the bullet and make it more up-t0-date!

We’ve got a lot of work behind us, but there’s still plenty more ahead. This weekend will mainly be hardwood installation, but I’m finally going to have my way with the study. It used to be Zack’s man room, but with us both being in there now, I want to give us a fun workspace where we can sit at our computers, get inspired, be creative, and laugh at people who still use the Curlz MT font.

Before and after photos soon, but here is my #1 inspiration for now: a chalkboard wall. I am obsessed with chalkboard surfaces. Oh the potential that it has…to be able to draw freely on the wall without repercussion! The other 3 walls will be gray, so the black wall with the white chalk should look really crisp and monochromatic. Our chairs are orange, so you can imagine how awesome that pop of color will be…

Top photo: Dana Tanamachi via 100 Layer Cake.

Middle left: Emily Henson Interiors

Middle right: found via random Google search that brought me here.

Second from bottom: via Apartment Therapy

Bottom left: via Desire to Inspire

Bottom right: via Your Home Only Better

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Chalkboard Wall

  1. Ahhhh, can’t wait to see all of it finished! You always inspire me. When the girls get older, I want to do a chalkboard wall in their room so they can draw to their hearts’ content and hopefully leave the regular walls alone. 🙂

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