Thirty-One Gifts. Thirty-One Reasons Why.

If I can get a little sappy here for a second, I just want to say thanks for the slew of friends and family who took the time to attend my thirty-one launch party a couple weeks ago. I was unsure if this was right for me, but I went to bed that night feeling so encouraged, supported and inspired. I’m excited to be part of this huge movement of women who are realizing their goals, and partying along the way is a pretty awesome bonus. I loved baking, mixing cocktails, and crafting favors for everyone who was there, and can’t wait to continue to meet and get to know more amazing women.


thanks for snapping this sweet pic, Courtney! | THE pink box chock full of goodies

One question that Thirty-One asks us to answer, is why? Why are we doing this?

These two are my #31why. I want time to meal plan and grocery shop so we could eat more healthy meals at home instead of picking up a fast food  2 nights (or more…) a week. I want to spend my days helping Evie learning to read and go to the park with her. I just want more time with them, and I wasn’t getting it being in a quite office 40 hours a week and with almost 10 hours a week commuting.


my sweet husband | our perfect daughter who is growing up too fast

I’m also excited about this because it gives me an outlet to be creative and connect with others who share my values and interest. There is no doubt that the products and their endless uses are providing me all kinds of creative inspiration. Now that I’ve quite my full-time job, I was able to finally organize my craft supplies, and for some reason that just makes me feel more creative, you know?

 swizzle sticks I made for my launch party | a little packaging idea to market our $5 key fobs

swizzle sticks I made for the guests at my launch party | a little packaging idea to market our $5 key fobs

I really am just so excited about this new venture in my life. I feel like it is the perfect fit for my skills and what I’m passionate about, provides solutions both financially and organizationally (blog post forthcoming about the new downstairs diaper caddy and how much I love my Hang-Up Home Organizer!), connects me with some pretty awesome people (shout out t0 Amanda, Jennifer, and all of the awesome ladies on my Team Graves Facebook page for the unending ideas and encouragement), and honestly, it’s like, really fun.

It goes without saying, please let me know if you need anything!

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