Happy Birthday Evalyn!

On March 2, 2013, we welcomed the most perfect baby girl into the world. On February 27, 2014, we moved into the house of dreams. It was a sad foreclosure we called “the beige box.” A week and a half, little to no sleep, a few gallons of paint, and lots of doses of Aleve later, we celebrated Evalyn’s birthday in our new home.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant and realized my due date would be so close to St. Patrick’s Day, I knew I wanted an Irish theme. When I found out a little girl was on the way, I knew going with a green and pink theme would be perfect. And when we put our house up for sale, I knew our little townhouse wouldn’t hold everyone we wanted to celebrate with us!

Kamin Williams took some beautiful photos of the party, which allowed us to focus on the our daughter and welcoming our family and friends into our home for the first time.

First, a few details:


I set up kids’ table set-up with globes, shamrocks, and each kiddo had their own little milk jugs. The party favors packs for the kids had chocolate gold coins, stickers, tattoos, white chocolate shamrocks and other little prizes. I got almost everything on clearance after St. Patrick’s Day the year before since I knew what the theme for her party would be so far in advance! Thanks to my sister and my mom for coming over and helping me put all of these details together.


The photos clipped to the frame were taken every month in her pink Eames rocker. Each week I took an overhead photo of her in her crib on the same Aiden + Anais sheet, and those photos were strung across the mantle and bookcases. I loved seeing how much she had grown, but it made me a little weepy too! This was the fastest year of my entire life.



Since we had just moved, I was really overwhelmed and I knew we wouldn’t be able to invite every person we wanted to. We just had our immediate families, and a few friends who basically are our family. Each family took home their own “Ireland in a Jar” as our way of thanking them for everything they did for us, and every way they were there for us over the previous year and nine months!

bday4 bday5I found some huge balloons on clearance at JC Penny of all places, they were the perfect backdrop the table. A fresh strawberry cake, mini shepherd’s pies, gold punch (ginger ale and white grape juice), white-chocolate dipped Lucky Charms treats, and a few leftover white chocolate shamrocks for the guests to nosh on.

bday7Jessica Stalnaker of Empress Stationery made the most perfect invitations for us.  I think I almost cried when I first saw the proof, but I know I definitely squealed. Jessica and I worked together in magazine publishing back in the day (“the day” meaning our early 20s as fresh college grads), and I’m so proud of my girl for being one of the most sought-after stationers in the South!

But the cutest part of the whole party…the birthday girl:

bday6 Those cheeks. Have you ever? She is so sweet in her little moccs and pink diaper, and the dress (found on clearance at Old Navy!) is just short enough to show off those sweet chunky legs.


The best birthday accessory by far was the beautiful floral crown that my best pal Tiffany of Studio Flower made for her. Isn’t it great to have such creative friends?! I did the cake for her son’s birthday and swapped her this. It’s been almost 6 months still the party and I still have it sitting on our piano!


bday9For her smash cake, I just took the top tier off of the cake. There was plenty of the bottom tier for everyone to enjoy…and more than enough of the top tier for Evie to enjoy…


She in fact enjoyed it so much that….


…we all got to see it again a few minutes later. My mother-in-law was carrying her into the living room to open gifts, when her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she suddenly just puked everywhere. Every. Where. I can’t describe it. But, what can you do? We thanked everyone for coming out, then rushed her upstairs and plopped her into the bathtub.  I’m so glad Kamin snapped a couple of these photos. It’s an incident we were laughing about just a few minutes after it happened, and a story that will be told over and over again.

We assumed everyone had left, but when we came back downstairs, we were surprised to see everyone still there and were waiting patiently for the birthday girl to open her presents!



Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to celebrate this precious girl’s first birthday, and to everyone who made it possible, too. I can’t even start to tell you how much people from our church family came over the previous week to clean, unpack, organize, paint, build and install bookcases (yeah). My mom and Zack’s mom came over super early that day to help with the last few details and polish up the house a little, and my sister spent over an hour tediously cutting out 53 photos of Evie for the mantle because my nerves just couldn’t handle it!


evie034kw (1)



I wish I had photos of every person who was there! I’m sorry I don’t, but the sincerest, heart-felt thank you for sharing this occasion with us!

And Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter. I am blessed beyond what I could ever deserve with you. And perfect timing, as I’m typing up these last words, you’re waking up from your nap! That means lunch time, then the pool!!

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