Crafts for Costa Rica! // Hello Birmingham Craft Night

This June, Zack and I will be leading our youth group to Costa Rica to work with Costa Rica Mission Projects. It’s our 2nd time to get to work with Wil Bailey, his lovely wife Yolanda, and the rest of the amazing CRMP team. They are doing incredible things in this country, and we are so excited to be part of it once again. As to be expected, there is a pretty significant cost associated with doing such a thing.


I thought that hosting a craft night in my home would be a really, really fun way to help raise some of these funds. Of course I have no idea if this idea will work, but here are the details in hopes that is will! Ultimately, the hope of me and my pal Tiffany of StudioFlower is to establish what we’ve been calling Birmingham Craft Night…but that’s later, this is now!

When: Friday, January 23, 2015 at 6:15pm (FYI: a Parent’s Night Out fundraiser, hosted by my teammates at our church, will be going on at this time! )
Where: Malinda’s house in Helena, Alabama (address provided upon registration)
Cost: $25
What’s Included: A custom stenciled tote bag, a coordinating fob with a tassel and a stamped clay keychain, plus the knowledge of how to make something new and fun! Apps and cupcakes will also be provided. BYOWine!
How to Register: Simply email me, malindakay {at} ymail dot com and let me know you’ll be there! I have room for 14 people, but if for some incredible reason there are more people who are interested, then I will happily open another session!

With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, I worked up this example of what we’ll be making, although I’ll have a variety of other stencils and paint/tassel/keychain colors so you can create just what you want! And of course 1 million thanks to Sarah of Spark & Arrow for taking such lovely photos!

ToteCraft1 ToteCraft2

Hope to see you there!

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