Birmingham Craft Night – Fabric Flower Pins

I am so excited to be back with the next installment of Birmingham Craft Night! I am in awe of how much interest there was in last month’s event, and so grateful to those who attended or gave me some encouragement along the way.

This Craft Night is also supporting something VERY EXCITING in our near future. Unfortunately, I have to keep it a little quite for now (no, I’m not pregnant), but trust me when I say, it’s very awesome, and a worthy cause to say the least 😉

Anyway! This month, to brighten the cold gray winter days we’ve had lately, we will be making these pretty fabric flowers pins:


I made these a few years ago for a Christmas Craft Bazaar at my old company, and sold out within a couple hours. I think they’re so great to accessorize an outfit or tote bag, but also make cute gift toppers and double as a gift themselves! Kind of Frenchy too, don’t you think? I heard the chorus of “this time doesn’t work for my schedule but I want to participate!” so this month I’m going to offer two nights in hopes of being conducive to the busy lives I know we all lead!

When: Friday, February 20 at 6:15 AND Sunday, February 22 at 5:30.
Where: Malinda’s house in Helena, Alabama (address provided upon registration)
Cost: $15
What’s Included: All supplies and step-by-step instruction to make your own fabric flower pin, a craft box with tissue paper for gift-giving (or for keeping!), a hand-crafted name tag waiting for you at your work station, cupcakes, and light appetizers. As a bonus and time permitting, I’ll also show how to make mini fabric flower poms as well! (I also have plenty of wine left over from the last craft night 😉
How to Register: Each class is open to 10 participants, simply email me, malindakay {at} ymail dot com (yes, Ymail, not gmail!) and let me know you’ll be there! Also please let me know if you would like to make a pink, red, or white flower. (For simplicity’s sake I’m trying to limit it to these 3 colors, but if these choices are so terrible to your own personal taste that you’re participation hangs in the balance, then I’m sure we can work something out!)

Looking forward to another fun night of crafts and conversation!

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