Golden Flake Photo Shoot

Earlier this month I collaborated with Golden Flake on a shoot for their social media campaigns. Golden Flake is a famous brand of potato chips and snacks, made right here in beloved Birmingham, and there isn’t a kid in town who didn’t go to a factory field trip in elementary school. Local photographers Noah and Rachel Ray captured the youthful, modern vibe of the shoot just perfectly. I had a blast working with them and hope to be able to again! I also loved working with Golden Flake’s social media gal MaryJane Carney, who sent us off with the BEST parting gifts ever: huge tote bags stuffed full of chips. As far as I’m concerned, GF Dill Pickle and Buffalo Ranch chips might as well be currency.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the day! Follow Golden Flake on Instagram and across social media for more (or just because why wouldn’t you follow the South’s best potato chip?) Huge praise-hand emojis to our four models, they were professional and fun and brought our little urban picnic to life. Also have to give some praise-hand emojis to our local West Elm, who let me raid their store for the perfect props. That polka dot picnic blanket and those enamel plates, though.

GoldenFlake4 GoldenFlake5 GoldenFlake1

GoldenFlake10 GoldenFlake2 GoldenFlake13


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