I recently took a work-related trip to Nepal. While I was away, my husband wanted to reassure me that he and our daughter were having a great time and doing productive things together. I had no idea he had cooked up this idea in his head…though I’m not totally sure he knew either. Once it got rolling, everyone got such a kick out of their daily adventures. Since they only live on his Facebook page, I wanted to make sure they were corralled together in one place before they got lost in his Timeline.

And don’t worry friends who enjoyed this series, I’m going on a trip with my mom in January, and I’m sure these will resume!


August 31: Evie and I had so much fun playing at the power plant today. She’s such a camera hog. #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 1: I took Evie to her first UFC event. She had fun, but was a little bummed she didn’t get to see any good submission holds. #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 2: Evie and I tested our sea legs and dove with sharks. I started to get a little sea sick on the way out, but she smacked me on my back and said “Man up pansy.” #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 3: Took Evie to the outdoor range. She no-scoped a bullseye at 100 yards….twice. #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 4: Evie and I went skydiving. I told her I would only do it tandem – I was too scared to go solo. She said, “Would you like some cheese with that whine?” #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 5: Evie got some ink yesterday. I asked her to maybe put down the donut and she responded, “Silence. Let Trevor do his work.” #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 6: Evie said she wanted to hang out with her new friends. I’d never met them before, but Victor and Stephen seemed incredibly nice. #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 7: Evie asked if we could go bowling. While I was reserving a lane, she b-lined it to the bar. I kept asking when we were actually going to bowl and she just said “I’ll be right there Dad.” I got the feeling she wasn’t being truthful with me, because every time I turned away I heard her snickering with these guys. #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway


September 8: Things have really gotten out of hand. We stopped at a convenience store to pick up some snacks. Evie picked up a candy bar and started to walk out. I said, “Aren’t you gonna pay for that?” She responded, “No. But we’re gonna…RUN!!!!!” We might have to lay low for a while. #ThingsToDoWhileMalindasAway

The adventures will resume January 14th, 2016…

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