{Morocco} Jardin Majorelle

Our last full day we headed back out of the Medina to see the Jardin Majorelle, famous for its electric blue walls and infinite varieties of succulents and cacti. It has been open to public since the 1940s, but it has become especially famous in the last couple of decades for being the Moroccan getaway for Yves Saint Laurent.

The first time I remember hearing anyone talk about visiting Morocco was when I interned at Cottage Living magazine back in college; the decorating editor said Marrakesh was “the Paris of Africa.” I had spent several days here before we went to the Jardin, and up until this point, though I loved Marrakesh, I had trouble understanding her conclusion. But then we went to the Jardin…and I got it. 

I’ll let these photos speak where my words will fail…

Maroc3aRequisite Travel Blogger/Travel Instagrammer photo I forced my poor husband to take 100 versions of…
Maroc4a Maroc5a
Maroc1aMaroc6a Maroc7a Maroc8a YSL created these collage posters each year, and the Jardin has a gallery that displays every one of ’em. So inspiring. Maroc9a Maroc10a


After spending the morning in this little oasis, we grabbed an amazing lunch next door at Kaowa, and did some shopping at 33 Rue Majorelle. Everything at the shop is made by Moroccan artisans; I had this gorgeous place on my Marrakesh to-do list for a while, because I had seen other Instagrammers post photos of their loot. I picked up the sweetest little handmade stuffed camel for Evie. Kaowa does a great burger, but they’re famous for their juices and smoothies. They also have a gelato cart waiting for you just outside the Jardin!


And this, friends, concludes our time in Marrakesh! I have one post left for this trip, which will be a short one about the few hours we spent in Madrid before heading back across the Atlantic. Thanks for following along for our first trip to Africa; we had an incredible time in this beautiful country, I can’t wait to have the chance to return one day!

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