{Waffle Wednesday} Croque Madame Waffles

I’m back this Wednesday for one of my favorite foods translated into waffle form. When my mom and I went to Paris together a few years ago, the very first meal I sought out and devoured was a Croque Madame, and it’s my favorite thing on the menu at Birmingham’s beloved Chez Fonfon. I’ve seen a lot of people use their waffle irons as sandwich presses to make things like this, but we can do better than that here. I thought it’d translate just as well to an actual waffle, with the gruyere and ham pressed inside. So…

Let me be the first say that while you can be all fancy and make your waffle batter from scratch, but as someone who has made as many homemade waffles as I have box-mix waffles…there is no basically difference! So use whatever you prefer. I have an insane preschooler, so for this phase of life, the mix is my go-to.

Croque Madame Waffles
Prepared waffle batter (from scratch, or a mix)
Best quality deli ham, sliced (I used black forest ham)
Gruyere cheese, sliced
Eggs, poached

Mustard Sauce
A couple tablespoons of dijon or whole grain mustard (I LOVE this whole grain mustard from Try The World, but dijon is the norm for a croque madame/monsieur)
A couple tablespoons of butter, melted
Half a clove of diced garlic
Dashes of salt and pepper

-Poach as many eggs as waffles you plan to make; set aside and keep warm
-Prepare the Mustard Sauce by combining all ingredients in a small bowl
-Scoop half of the normal amount of waffle batter onto your waffle iron, and working quickly, add a layer of Gruyere cheese and a slice of ham.
-Add another scoop of waffle batter on top
-Press till golden brown and cooked through, and the cheese is melted
-Plate the waffle, add the poached on top, and spoon warm mustard sauce on top



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