DIY Halloween Award Ribbons

This Sunday my church is having its annual Trunk or Treat for our community here in Helena. This is my second year to be part of its planning committee, because our family just loves it so much. I made these award ribbons so the winners of Best Costume, Best Game, and of course Best Trunk can have tangible evidence to go with their year-long bragging rights.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put these together, including a time lapse video at the bottom!

Supplies to Gather
1 large spool of wide black craft ribbon
Spools of Halloween print ribbon that is thinner than the black ribbon
Spools of narrow glitter ribbon in a contrasting color (or glitter!)
Best Costume/Game/Trunk ribbon art printed onto heavy stock paper; download here: TrunkOrTreat
A pencil
Additional heavy stock paper or poster board
Stick-on pinbacks
Glue stick
halloweenribbonsa1. Using the Ribbon Art is your template, cut out 2 or 3 additional circles from the heavy stock paper. If the paper you printed your art onto isn’t heavy enough, use the 3rd circle and the glue stick to adhere the art to heavier paper.
2. Cut 10 strips of the wide black ribbon and 10 strips of the Halloween print ribbon to about 3 1/2″ in length. Layer the ribbons, loop them end to end, and secure with a staple.
halloweenribbonsb3. Staple 5 of the ribbon loops onto the cardstock, evenly spacing them as shown above.
4. Staple the remaining 5 ribbons on the cardstock, layering them into the empty spaces. 
halloweenribbonsc 5. Cut 5 small pieces of the narrow contrasting ribbon and adhere them to the circle using the glue stick. Place them so they are in between the top layer of ribbon loops.
6. Layer the 3 sizes of ribbons to make the tails. Cut a triangle out of the end to make a birds beak. Make 2.
halloweenribbonsD7. Staple the tail ribbons to the cardstock.
8. Glue the remaining circle onto the back to cover all of the staples. Add a pin to the back (not pictured).
halloweenribbons10Affix the art to the front, and you’re all done! Also feel free to follow my Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat Pinboards for more ideas! Below is a quick time lapse tutorial of one being made:

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