Trick or Treat Pumpkin Upgrade

This year’s Nichols Family Costume: sullen grunge family who is still mourning Kurt.


But as always, our sassy daughter outshines us…whether or not she’s dressed as a tiny toddler Gwen Stefani. (She said she wanted to be a princess!)gwenstefanitoddlerI really felt like I couldn’t send her out trick-or-treating with just any old orange $1 pumpkin. What a disservice that would be to the glamorous rock princess she is paying homage to?! So, pumpkin upgrade. Here’s a few little tips on how I did it:

You’ll need: Trick or Treat Pumpkin, spray primer, spray paint, some fun Halloween baubles (I found all of mine at Michael’s), and some twine to tie it all together. I also found this cool “E” charm at Michael’s that I added for a personal touch!
GoldPumpkin1Turn the pumpkin upside down to prime the bottom first. Let it dry completely. I also primed and painted the “eek!” black from its original orange. (Orange is my least favorite color, which gets tricky around my favorite holiday!)

Then prime the rest of the outside and the inside thoroughly, but with a thin coat so it doesn’t drip and run. GoldPumpkin3While the primer is drying, get the baubles ready by simply tying them together with your twine.PumpkinCraft10

Paint the pumpkin metallic in the same way you primed it, starting with the bottom.
Pumpkin6After it’s dry, tie on your baubles and you’re ready to go! This Halloween will be the first that Evie will really go out trick or treating, I can’t wait to see her all Gwen’d up and running around the neighborhood with her gold pumpkin bouncing behind her. Seriously, BEST HOLIDAY.

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